So much is happening at Broadlands Park I must update otherwise it all becomes ‘old news!’

Sharon is now our new trainee manager, with Claire as her second in command / administrator / co-ordinator & any other title we can give her. Together they are doing a sterling job. Thank you for everyone’s support during this transition period.

The garden round the side of the house is now fenced in, and with all this lovely weather a safe haven for the clients. Geoff has been supervising the planting in the vegetable patch, runner beans, potatoes, herbs & lots more. We are looking to purchase a shed to finish off the area.

The Royal Wedding was celebrated with a ‘indoor street party’ . Everyone had a lovely time & photo’s courtesy of Annie (big Thank You Annie) will be on show soon. A raffle was held and proceeds go towards  the client’s amenities fund.

A new television was purchased prior to the Royal Wedding so we were all able to watch the celebrations on a large flat screen.

The chickens are well & laying eggs for breakfast, we have moved them to the back of the house, so clients can see them from their bedroom windows. They can often be found at the back door waiting to be allowed in! We are looking at purchasing them a new house soon…….any ideas?

I will add more soon……….Sue