On Wednesday 20th November everyone was invited to wear a onesie into work. Sponsorship was encouraged to raise funds for the clients amenities fund.

The Girls


Gail. Cat, Alex & Yvonne

Liam & Mia

Liam & Mia

Liam added wings and hand painted his onesie  to make his dragon come alive!


Lisa looking as though butter would not melt!!

Mia & Amy

Mia & Amy


Minnie Tracey


We had 2 Dalmations, Mia & Lexi (above) we just need another 99 for the set!

Guess Who

Guess who was shy???

A big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who took part, the sponsorship has not been collected yet, but I know Yvonne raised a tremendous amount, well done to her.

Everyone looked fabulous, & the clients enjoyed having a ‘different day’.