At BROADLANDS PARK we aim to provide a high standard of care, in a homely relaxed atmosphere.

PRIVACY The right of a resident to be left alone & undisturbed whenever they wish.
DIGNITY The understanding of a resident’s needs & treating them with respect.
INDEPENDENCE Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions & think or act for themselves.
CHOICE Giving a resident the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.
RIGHTS Keeping all basic human rights available to the resident.
FULFILLMENT Enabling the resident to realise their own aims & helping them to achieve these goals in all aspects of daily living.

Each resident should be encouraged to achieve his or her potential capacity physically, emotionally and socially. There should be an on going assessment so as to recognise changing needs, as there is likely to be a change in ability over a period of time.

Individual wishes should be recognised and not pushed aside because they do not fit in with the pattern of group living. Flexibility is necessary in order to meet the needs of a group of individuals living under one roof. The aim must be to provide a balance of required routine with flexible individuality.

Over protection can be as harmful as neglect. Individual requests to pursue activities will be encouraged within the limits of ‘acceptable risk’ areas.

To provide a safe secure environment a full fire alarm and emergency lighting system is installed together with required fire doors and exit signs. An inter-cam answer call system is in operation in all bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets. This will link to the main panel situated in the lounge.

There will be 24-hour staff coverage. Specific attention will be given to the quality of care provided in such areas as bathing, dressing, and feeding.

Privacy will be respected as far as possible within the bounds of acceptable hygiene, safety and sociable standards. Some background information of each resident will be of particular value with regard to interests, hobbies and activities to encourage the continuation of a ‘normal life’. To this end the assistance of relatives and friends would be most welcome.

We aim to operate a professionally managed business with an ongoing training programme for all the staff. This will ensure the security of all concerned.

The Aims and Objectives of Broadlands Park Residential Home are to provide a professional standard of care and service to the elderly within a safe, homely and warm environment.

Whilst encouraging residents to become part of a family unit much emphasis will be placed on the specific needs of the individual. Independence, dignity and self-respect are key considerations to optimise the quality of life, with freedom of choice and flexibility foremost in our aims to enhance the latter years