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Final Days!!

Posted by sueadmin on 17 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Building Work

Monday was mixed with emotions, saying goodbye to the builders who have been with us now for nearly two years. Their site huts were moved last week giving us back our drive!


We have been working hard Eric, Nigel & Rebecca have worked the last two weekends, moving furniture, painting & organising!

The new lounge.

Looking through the lounge to the dining room.

Towards the front door.

We had the registration inspector from CQC out yesterday & hopefully we will be soon registered for 34 clients.




The Final Week of the building work

Posted by sueadmin on 06 Feb 2010 | Tagged as: Building Work

 Hopefully, the builders should be finished on Friday 12th Feb. Exactly one year & a week since we moved into the extension at the back. Everything is coming together, carpets going down, door furniture all being fixed. We have replaced the balustrades at the front of the house, with a black wrought iron one. Dad replaced some of the original uprights on the old balustrade with ones that he made, unfortunately they were very rotten. I think he will approve of the new design.


We had to alter where we came into the house as well, the temporary corridor has now been knocked down & we are able to use a side entrance on the other-side of the building. This will only be till we can use front door.

New entrance lobby.

The Entrance Hall

December update on Building work

Posted by sueadmin on 17 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

Things are moving ahead at a pace now. The plasterer’s have finished, all the artex (those of you who remember!) has now all gone! The painters are in & the lights are in place & working. Hopefully by mid February it will all be completed, exactly a year after we vacated the house & moved into the extension.

new stairs


The new stair case, the walls have now been plastered.

stair case




One of the new bedrooms.

Posted by sueadmin on 23 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

The building work is finally taking shape, plasterers have completed two bedrooms, door surrounds are going in, stud work partitioning off rooms. The stair case has been re-modelled.

 New plaster

    new stairs

            New design of staircase, no turn at the top anymore!!



Part of the new reception office area.

September update on the building work

Posted by sueadmin on 16 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

With all the good weather the builders are managing to progress well. The new four bedroom extension (on the right of the house) is now up. Behind that three bedrooms are being added. The inside of the house has been gutted, the front hall way has had the double doors bricked up & behind the stairs opened up.



The picture on the right shows where the lift will go & looks through to  the corridor to the old kitchen, it is so difficult to recognise where everything used to be!



This picture shows the roof of the new four bedrooms.

New Dining Room & Development

Posted by sueadmin on 10 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

Update on our builing work!

We have moved into our new Dining room , Lounge & kitchen. Lots more room, & no more builders underfoot!  Everywhere is a bit bare!! We will get there, I feel we have to live in the rooms first. Pictures are now on the walls, flowers & plants make it more homely.



First Meal in The Dining Room

Serving our first meal in the Dining Room

Serving our first meal in the Dining Room


Hall Floor

Hall Floor

Tiles in the hall, found when the carpet was removed.


Walls going up in the new bedroom extension

Walls going up in the new bedroom extension

The scaffolding is supporting a metal structure that will be the frame work for windows in the new bedrooms.

Final Stages of Phase 2

Posted by sueadmin on 07 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

New Windows

New Windows

New kitchen being installed

New kitchen being installed

We are hopefully moving into our new kitchen, dining room & lounge this weekend. The work is progressing fast!

June Update!

Posted by sueadmin on 10 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

The work on the new kitchen, dining room & lounge is progressing well. The roof tiles are now all in place, the scaffolding is coming down this week & the floor is in. David ( the foreman) informs me they should be starting plastering next week. It is all taking shape & as with the bedroom extension  more interesting tasks await me……..looking at carpets, lighting & kitchen design. The height of the ceilings gives a feeling of space & the windows give so much light, it will be a big difference to the dark dining room we had before.  With the better weather we have been able to take avantage of having quiet areas round the side of the bedrooms & although the grass finally grew so did the weeds!!

This is a picture of the new lounge, taken from the front of the house. The three windows are bay windows, making an interesting feature & replicating the two apexs at the front of the main house.

Posted by sueadmin on 12 May 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

May 2009

The Dining Room, Kitchen & Lounge are growing!!



Looking up to the roof joists in the new dining room.


Posted by sueadmin on 27 Feb 2009 | Tagged as: Building Work

No sooner are we all ensconced into the new build, do we career into Phase 2 of the ‘development’, the demolition of the dining room & 3 bedrooms. This will make way for a new dining room & kitchen. We have made the old lounge into our new dining room, giving us much more space. Some clients sit in the lounge in the new part of the house, others are still in the old lounge. The advantage of all this space is it is encouraging everyone to walk so much further, we will be all so fit! 


It all looks so untidy, but the new building will start to grow soon & once it starts taking shape we will get a better idea of how it will all look.

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